Duty finder is a feature in FFXIV that helps players get to the role they want faster. This guide will give you the basics on what it is, how to use it, and some tips for getting the most out of it.

Duty finder is used to locate random or specific instances for players looking for something to do in Final Fantasy XIV. It features different types of content for each player type; Expert (veteran), Normal (casual), and Basic (entry). Duty finder can be accessed by clicking on the Duty Finder icon that is located on the minimap or by pressing Ctrl+F11.

How Duty Finder Can Make Your Life Easier in FFXIV

Duty finder is an in-game feature in FFXIV that allows players to pick up and queue for dungeons and raids. It is the preferred way of finding group content in the game, but it can sometimes take a long time to find a group slot for your desired activity.

Duty Finder has been around since A Realm Reborn, back in 2013. It was mainly used when there were queues for any dungeon or raid, which happens often during peak hours. More recently, however, Square Enix has added an adjustment to the Duty Finder that has reduced the queue times considerably.

In addition to that change Square Enix has also made a new feature called “Duty Roulette” which randomly selects one of the available dungeons or raids from your list of unlocked content for you to do.

Duty Finder

Duty finder is a tool for Final Fantasy XIV that lets players quickly find others to play with. It can be used to start playing with an existing party, find party members for a newly created party, or find members for an existing party.

This article will go through the basics of using duty finder to help new players get started.

The following are the steps required to use duty seeker:

1) Sign into an account on the game, and log in.

2) Click on “Duty Finder Settings” in the main menu screen.

3) You will see a list of all your available characters, which you can filter by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.

4) Select your desired character and format.

Chapter One: Waking Titan and Justice Monsters Five

In this section, I will be discussing the two ARGs – Waking Titan and Justice Monsters Five. They are both ARGs released by different companies, but they have some similarities. One of the most obvious similarities is that they both center around video games. Furthermore, both programs use a lot of live action and interactive elements like phone calls and text messages to make it feel more like a game.

What’s the difference between Waking Titan and Justice Monsters Five?

The biggest difference is probably that one is an ARG (a game played through the internet) while the other seems to be more of a mobile game. While it could potentially end up turning into an ARG, at this point it doesn’t look like there are any live action components with this game.

Both games have a small chance of dropping a pin that can be redeemed for a video or song, which is the same thing as far as I know.


Duties are combat encounters in Final Fantasy XIV. These tasks can be completed alone, but they are usually more difficult than solo content. By selecting the Duty Finder, you can join other adventurers who are also queued up for the same task without having to wait for a party invite.

After you have achieved level 50, you can undertake Duties. These tasks can be completed alone, but they are usually more difficult than solo content. By selecting the Duty Finder, you can join other adventurers to take on these difficult tasks and reap the rewards together.

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